It’S your boy, professor crypto got another hot crypto class for you guys today, this one’s on fire. You guys already know anything we bring on the channel. It’s got the potential and it definitely should be watched.

This one is so difficult. Further do, let’s jump right into it. Class is now in session. This one is called revenue. Damn son where’d. You find this guys. Revenue coin is the first revenue token in the world that lets its holders fund, high-tech companies to scale startups, receiving funding, allocate up to 10 of revenues to the systematic purchase of rvc from the market, reducing supply and increasing value.

Needless to say, guys, some of the benefits that users can get by investing in rvc are the fact that you got exposure to projects and investment opportunities that used to be exclusive to banks, venture funds and business sharks. Now guys you are the shark yourself number two. You participate in deciding which of the shortlisted projects are to be invited to the revenue ecosystem. The tokens you hold, give you voting rights number three guys you get first-hand access to products and services created within the ecosystem. The tokens give you the right to access brand new products and services before everyone else.

If you invested 1 000 in tesla 10 years ago, you would have over 200 000 today. Imagine if you could invest in tesla, google or facebook not just early when stocks were cheap but before they even went public before they became the global conglomerates. They are today, but here’s the problem that could have never happened to near you, because everyday investors like us, could only invest in these companies after they became available for trading, which is way more expensive. Before that you had to be some big shop, well-connected corner office. Venture fund bank or business shark to get a piece of these companies and investment opportunities, but times are changing and if there’s one thing crypto has taught us it’s. This now is the time for everyone to be in power.

We don’t need to wait for big governments. Big companies or central banks, i mean look what happened to amc if you had put 30 000 into google stock back when it went public in 2004, you would have well over half a million dollars just from that today. So imagine how rich you could be if you could have invested in the beginning before the startup, even ipo’d, but now things are changing and there is some good news for us. Revenue coin is creating a way for everyone. People like you and me, and also really big investors to invest in high potential technology startups using cryptocurrencies by holding rvc. You essentially become an investor in potentially global high-tech companies, allowing them to scale and earn more revenues.

Companies receiving funding through revenuepoint allocate up to 10 of their revenues to distribute to the rbc investors and systematically buyback rbcs from the market, which reduces the supply and increases rvc’s value over time. But how does all this work exactly Revenue? Coins are a revenue token, so by holding it in your wallets, just like any other cryptocurrency you’re entitled to all the advantages of cryptocurrencies like quick liquidity and exchangeability with other coins. However, in addition, you gain the rights to a portion of revenue generated by revenue, capital companies.

This is the double advantage of rbc trading speculation, backed by strong revenues of selected tech companies. Right now, Revenue coins are in the public sales stage, but the price and demand only gets higher from here. You can buy rbcs through the revenue point website by connecting your meta max or wallet connect using binance smart chain. This is a massive and affordable game.

Changer opportunity for everyone interested in building wealth in the world and the technologies of tomorrow revenuecoin creates huge impact for investors and startups, join the revenuepoint ecosystem and connect with visionary founders and investors like you, so guys. How exactly does Revenue coin work?

Well guys, they are at bp20 token, an integral part of the revenue capital ecosystem, which supports promising high-tech companies by distributing funds and ensuring access to a shared customer base. Revenue coin tokenomics simulates the growing demand for rvc tokens over time number one. The community buys Revenue coins, blockchain technology allows to reduce costs for formalities related to the purchase of tokens.

Transaction security is insured by the rvc smart contract, which has been audited by external companies. Number two capital goes to young companies. Projects earmarked for funding are selected by the community and revenue capital experts. Companies agree to transfer part of the future revenue for purchasing and burning of Revenue.

Coin number three companies grow and their revenues increase by providing funding and know-how companies, revenues increasing and part of them goes back to revenue capital ecosystem. Currently guys there are two profitable companies in the ecosystem, exterior and skyrocket token purchases from the market number four revenues received from companies as part of the ecosystem are used for the systematic buyback and burning of tokens.

This reduces their supply on the market, while increasing their value, generating profits for Revenue coin holders. Here’S a little photo of their ecosystem, guys a little diagram of it and the investors at the top. Again, investors gain profits thanks to an increased value of rvc startups grow. Thanks to funds received from revenue capital, the investments in Revenue coin flow into the funding of the selected startups.

The listing of the Revenue coin on crypto exchanges as well guys and 10 of the revenues goes for purchasing the Revenue coins and reducing their supply by burning them benefits for rvc holders. Their exchange ability Revenue coin will be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges guaranteeing its exchange ability with other currencies on these exchanges. They have hidden products.

Only Revenue coin holders will be able to access special offers of new products, unique configurations or the price offers of existing products. They have voting rights, Revenue coin holders have a say in making decisions as to which subsequent prospective projects will receive funding from revenue capital. Their liquidity Revenue coin will be tradable on both centralized and decentralized exchanges. Payment functions, Revenue coin will exist as an internal means of payment within the revenue capital ecosystem.

So why will Revenue coin value increase? Well guys. Revenue coin is a deflationary token. Therefore, its quantity is fixed in a smart contract. Rvc supply on the market decreases due to monthly buyback and burning of tokens which the companies from the revenue capital ecosystem are obliged to do by allocating up to 10 of their revenues.

To this end, in addition, guys, the temporary blocking of rvc, held by the team and largest investors protects it against sudden price faults examining their tokenomics here, mechanics and future value of Revenue coin they’re growth factors well guys the settlements between holders and revenue capital takes place Through the buying and burning of available rvc tokens, burning, reduction of supply and increasing token purchases, increase rvc value systematically and consistently over time, currently guys revenue capital has two portfolio.

Companies exterior and skyrocket both generate revenues by providing solutions for crypto investors to trade via api. With increasing revenues, depending on the volume of trading on these exchanges, they also have a growth model. Here guys, you can see how the value of the token will change two to five to ten to twenty years, depending on the average annual growth rate of all revenue capital portfolio projects and their share in trading on crypto exchanges.

See all the data here guys definitely check that out in further detail if it’s something that you’re interested in when looking at their fund distribution, their investments in prospective startups is 80 operation activities, 10 marketing 5 and liquidity reserve another 5. As for the token distribution, we got 50 for investors 15 for support for ecosystem projects 10 for their team 10 for marketing and sales, 5 liquidity and 5 advisory team 5 community.

As for their whitelisting and public sale, their private sale guys, Revenue coin will be available for private and public sale. Private sale will be aimed at key investors influencers and persons able to make a significant contribution to project development. At this stage, only those who make it to the white list will be permitted to invest due to the increased risk of investing in the project. At an early stage of development, private sale investors receive an additional bonus in the form of Revenue coin tokens.

As for the public sale guys, they will be preceded by a marketing campaign and everyone will be able to purchase Revenue coin. Their hard cap will not be set, but the capacity to purchase rbc will be limited in time. Public offer price guys is a little over a penny. They have roadmap details here on their website, guys have already crushed some significant milestones on the roadmap, guys. Looking at q1 of 2022, the purchase of the first batch of Revenue coins financed from the revenues of companies from the revenue capital ecosystem, also in q1, guys are going to be allowing users to buy services from to sell them or to others within the revenue ecosystem.

Also guys searching for subsequent projects to be covered by the revenue capital ecosystem q2 in 2022, guys the integration of Revenue coin with the real economy, possibility of using rvc as a means of payment in well-known payment, apps and consumer stores, giving holders the ability to purchase Different good services and to perform rental and leasing activities. The Revenue coin team guys consists of very well experienced people from different industries such as traditional financial markets and representatives from a large community of crypto investors and startup vcs.

The team hosted a yacht party in dubai. Last month for a local and incoming crypto community shout out to all my students, i love you shout out to the crypto class game, shout out to the lamborghini shout out to the whale gang shout out to the huddle game. Thank you. For always, your continued support guys. I really appreciate it if you guys enjoyed this video, please be sure to smash that, like button for me, drop a comment in the comment section below. Please remember guys we are in a partial channel, so whether your opinion is negative or positive, we’d be more than happy to hear it. That being said, guys class is now dismissed, we’ll see in our next video professor crypto foreign. You

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