It’S your boy, professor krypto, got another hot crypto class for you guys today, this one’s on fire. You guys already know anything we bring on the channel. It’S got the heat of the potential and it definitely should be watched. This one is so different guys without further ado. Let’S jump right into it.

Class is now inside this one is called helicopter. Damn son where’d, you find this guys. Helicon is a comprehensive ecosystem that combines defy and nfts plus crypto gaming. The HELICON NFT seeks to build an ecosystem that bridges the gap between centralized games and decentralized nfts. The game items can be minted into nfts and traded freely in the helicon marketplace.

The hdt, which is the helicon drachma token, is the thread running through the helicon ecosystem and is a medium of exchange that provides liquidity to the ecosystem designed for next generation blockchain built on ethereum layer 2, meaning a faster, more green solution with a lower gas feed. HELICON NFT pioneers nft game and d5, creating a thriving decentralized ecosystem, bringing community members across different games together. Introducing the core features of helicon ecosystem empower liquidity providers, improve the liquidity of nfts bridge the gap between centralized games and decentralized, nfts and, lastly, provide freedom for community members to mint their own nfts. Our diversified ecosystem consists of helicon, drachma token hdt. The agora platform and helicon play hdt is the thread running through the helicon ecosystem.

Agora is a fundamental system that provides essential components. It includes the helicon marketplace which provide an incredible platform where community participants can trade nft yield aggregators the 95 liquidity mining pools provide hdt as mining rewards, decentralized governance, where hdt holders can contribute ideas to the community. Lastly, helicon add-on system, bridging the gap between centralized games and decentralized nfts helicon play is a game distribution ecosystem that consists of helicon type and game partners. It is dedicated for gamers to interact socialize and monetize their in-game assets. Helicon titan is a metaverse role-play game owned and operated by HELICON NFT, where players can truly engage in a play.

Darn experience that is both enjoyable and rewarding as the helicon ecosystem expands, the benefit of game partners will elevate and the community will advance helicon the one marketplace to rule them all: [, Music, ], agora, helicon, the one marketplace to rule them all. Agora is a fundamental element of the halicon ecosystem. It contains the most essential components, such as generating liquidity for nfts and empowering liquidity providers with hdt guys. All participants will be able to participate in the ecosystem, decentralized governance. HELICON NFT is a comprehensive, nft game and d5 ecosystem that supports the distribution of the helicopter hdt.

It is built on ethereum layer 2, a total of 100 billion hdt tokens supply. Agora is the fundamental element in the helicon ecosystem. It includes pelican marketplace, master nft and regular ift yield aggregator decentralized governance, helicon aos game add-on system. The helicon marketplace provides a platform for community members to trade nft in the helicon ecosystem. In the same way, these regular nfps are categorized across the nine master.

Efts master nft receives two kinds of awards. First is mining rewards second, from the trading of regular nfts master nfts are traded with lp tokens. The price of master nft is bounded by smart contracts and has a predetermined, linearized growth. Each master nft can only be held for up to 24 hours after a 24 hour period. They will be automatically listed in the helicon marketplace.

Sale proceeds of the master nft will be released over nine days with one night released each day while holding the master nft. The owners will receive five percent of all mining rewards in their respective pools, also when regular nfts are traded in the marketplace. One percent of the sale proceeds will be given to the owner of the corresponding master mft regular, can be purchased and sold using hdt tokens. Sellers of regular nft will receive 95 of the selling price. Regular nft creators can determine the royalty rate and the proportion of selling price in any of the future selling two percent will be deducted for service fees and used put the development of telecon into a system.

Another two percent will be sent to the helicopter to be heard. The remaining one percent will be allocated of the corresponding. The next component is yield aggregators, where participants obtain liquidity provider, lp tokens by injecting hdt and usdt to the uniswap liquidity pool by staking lp tokens. In the mining pools, participants will receive hdt tokens as mining rewards. Decentralized guns is another part of agora that focuses in three main areas.

Proposal and voting motivation mechanisms and tournaments. Helicon nfp has employed dao system, which stands for decentralized autonomy organization to ensure that government remains decentralized and community members can partake in proposals and voting motivation mechanisms are rewarded when members participate in the development and marketing. We will also organize contracts for community members to engage in friendly competitions where they can win prizes through helicon game add-on system. We will bridge the gap between centralized games and decentralized nfp. All assets and games can be mapped to the helicon ecosystem.

Game companies and service providers can add, more functions, features plug-ins and develop their games within our blockchain network. Hell account plan is a universe where players across different games can come together to interact socialize and monetize their in-game assets. The helicon game interface is a gateway. Thinking centralized game probes and game accounts in the helicon ecosystem, helicon game interface, nfts and centralized game accounts can communicate with each other, enabling game companies and game users to create regular nft. When minting regular nft, the creators can customize their royalty percentage from the selling price.

Helicon titan is a role-playing case owned and operated by helicon mft. It is an open and ever-expanding metaphors where players can partake in virtual activities together in this metaphors, helicon titan provides play to earn for players in minting their tokens. Players develop their avatars through equipping regular nfp like armor and weapons learning, new skills and enhancing their abilities and power as helicon ecosystem expands, more game developers and partners will participate and together we’ll make decentralized gaming a reality. The hdt guides virtual tokens become real rewards, helicon pay. The power is in the play: gora helicon, the one market place to rule them all now, when examining some of their features, guys improve the liquidity of the nfts ordinary trading of regular nfts and master nfts, which provide substantial benefits with limited holding time bridge.

The gap overcome barriers between centralized games and decentralized nfts freedom to create nfts, provide authority to game producers and members to create regular nfts through helicon game interface, empower liquidity providers enable members to purchase master nfts and stake in d5. Liquidity mining pools, helicon aos, the add-on system, implement, centralized game functions through blockchain technology and the royalty program guys customize royalty percentage from the selling price of regular nft.

They do have a blog section here at the bottom of their home page guys, make sure and check that out if it’s something that you’re interested in a lot of information here about it, like them, partnering with leading middle east blockchain podcast. Why nfcs and gaming are a perfect match, nfc gaming platform partners with esports giants, battlefly, etc? Examining the roadmap here guys they’ve already crushed some significant milestones, where we are now q4 of 2021, their preliminary integration with gaming partners, HELICON NFT‘s front end ui completed halicon nft deployed contracts on ethereum layer, 2, testnet elecon marketplace enters alpha testing the hct public sale goes Live helicon, nft dial to be launched, agora ecosystem, including helicon marketplace and defile liquidity mining pools to be launched.

Helicon nfp’s first gaming partner starts open beta, HELICON NFT to support cross-platform and cross-game nft trading as for q2 of 2022, guys a HELICON NFT to onboard gaming partners in p2e space, helicon’s, nft, proprietary, mmo, rpg game helicon titan goes into development, guys el con nft bounty Program goes live as well HELICON NFT issues sdks to developers to expand the ecosystem q3 of 2022, guys the helicon to support player, independent nft mining, the enhancement of decentralized app development by launching ide with debugging functions, gore version 2 helicon’s, one stop ecosystem platform goes live And helicon titan also goes live q4 of 2022ka is the development of helicon’s nft, augmented reality function. Helicon titan enters the metaverse, a free roaming universe, providing virtual work, entertainment and social spaces. Helicon nfc’s bi-annual tournament to premiere here. Are their team members guys fully transparent guys with all of their pictures? We can look them up.

We’Re able to click on their profiles for more information, definitely make sure and check them out if it’s something that you’re interested in they’d be more than happy to answer. Any questions that you might have the game – production team is also listed here, guys for full transparency, so make sure and check them out, as well as for the HELICON NFT community. The nft community is your source of decentralized culture. The new place to dream, sell and earn discover the underlying power of the games. HELICON NFT cooperates with top tier partners to create metaverse of the future, their partners aligned with the vision to deliver purely blockchain driven metaverse.

That will change the way that we think about gaming and entertainment for more information, guys stay tuned for updates. Shout out to all my students. I love you shout out to the crypto class king, shout out to lamborghini shout out to the whale gang shout out to the hollow game. Thank you. For always, your continued support guys.

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