Bitcoin, Decentraland and Chainlink – European Wrap on December 6

CLICK HERE FOR FAST & EASY CRYPTO INCOME The price of bitcoin is currently consolidating after a minor recovery from the brutal sale on December 4. The recent increase in purchasing pressure has pushed BTC higher and the altcoins have followed. In the future, investors can expect Ethereum, Ripple and others to continue to move … Read more

Dow Futures higher as Omikron’s fears fade; Bitcoin Extends Slide

CLICK HERE FOR FAST & EASY CRYPTO INCOME U.S. stock futures rose cautiously on Monday as the dollar extended earnings against its global competitors and oil prices rebounded as investors entered the week and watched the Omicron spread while closing inflation tracking data ahead of a key release later this week. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the … Read more

Bitcoin Exchange lost $ 196 million in hacking the cryptobank

CLICK HERE FOR FAST & EASY CRYPTO INCOME The Bitmart Cryptomen Exchange announced a major security breach on December 4, 2021 (Getty Images) The hackers stole almost $ 200 million cryptocurrency after the breakthrough of the popular cryptomenal trading platform BitMart. The Cayman Islands Stock Exchange confirmed that there was a “large-scale security breach” over … Read more