Bitwage handles the world’s first lightning strike

CLICK HERE FOR FAST & EASY CRYPTO INCOME Bit wage processed the world’s first Lightning payslip. The company processed payroll exclusively on the Lightning Network, a bitcoin Layer 2 scaling solution for fast and cheap bitcoin payments. “Bitcoin’s Lightning Network promises the ability to enable global instant payments with almost no charge,” Bitwage said in … Read more

Today’s trading and stock market news: Current information

CLICK HERE FOR FAST & EASY CRYPTO INCOME Workers install additional bitcoin mining machines at a mining facility in Texas. Cryptocurrency prices fell over the weekend.Credit …Mark Felix / Agence France-Presse, via AFP / Afp Via Getty Images Bitcoin prices, the largest cryptocurrency, fell sharply over the weekend, falling by almost 20 percent amid widespread … Read more

Salvadoran ecologist claims Nayib Bukele’s bitcoin mine driven by volcano “will end in environmental disaster” – bitcoin news

CLICK HERE FOR FAST & EASY CRYPTO INCOME Salvador’s leading ecologist Ricardo Navarro believes that the extraction of bitcoins with volcanoes or geothermal energy will “end in ecological disaster”. Navarro is convinced that geothermal energy costs more than oil, and he thinks that the decision of the Millennium President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, is … Read more

Shares mixed as the Nasdaq fell, Bitcoin fell

CLICK HERE FOR FAST & EASY CRYPTO INCOME The Barron’s Roundtable panel reveals the three most important things investors should think about. US stocks are starting to open up as the busy week begins inflation and omicron in the first place for investors. The Dow Jones industrial average rose 300 points, or 0.9%, while the … Read more

Under the hood of bitcoin: Here’s how Teranode works

CLICK HERE FOR FAST & EASY CRYPTO INCOME You have probably heard the word “Teranode“many times; especially if you’ve attended or watched the last few CoinGeek conferences, where Steve Shadders, technical director of the Bitcoin SV Infrastructure team, often Teranode infrastructure updates and how it will improve Bitcoin. Until recently, many people only understood Teranode … Read more