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Bitcoin Is Better Than Ethereum At These Four Things

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Eric Meltzer is the Founding Companion of Primitive Ventures, a cryptoasset fund.

“Ethereum (ETH) can do the whole lot that Bitcoin (BTC) can do, plus much more.”

I hear this typically from people who find themselves very new to crypto, and figured it will perhaps be helpful to make a listing of the issues that make King Corn so particular.

1. Bitcoin is the toughest of exhausting cash

There’ll by no means be greater than 21 million bitcoins, as a result of the tradition of full-node-running curmudgeonly bastard Bitcoiners won’t ever enable it. We proved this already (google S2x bitcoin, if you wish to examine an epic battle).

One in all my ETH booster pals mentioned that if ETH adopts EIP 1559, which burns ETH per transaction, ETH will grow to be much more scarce than Bitcoin. Sadly, that is truly a complete self-own of a degree, and fantastically illustrates the distinction I am speaking about:

Being exhausting cash is not about being scarce, however reasonably about being immutably, stubbornly, RELIABLY scarce. Saying EIP 1559 makes ETH more durable is actually saying “adopting a giant change to financial coverage *proposed by the founder* single-digit years after launch makes ETH more durable.”

Clearly, any coin which may make a constructive change to its emission schedule so simply may additionally make one within the different path—you may’t serenely depend on the concept that your stake will not be diluted.

I need to make clear that this is not essentially *dangerous* for ETH; ETH is making an attempt to do one thing very completely different than Bitcoin, and being versatile and aggressive is probably the proper technique. However for individuals who want a hard-as-nails inflation hedge, BTC >>> ETH.

2. BTC has easy targets

  1. >21 million cash ever
  2. Most censorship resistance
  3. There isn’t any three

Being prepared to simply accept all tradeoffs in service of these targets means we assume BTC is prone to be the most effective at these 2, even when and even *as a result of* it sucks at different issues.

So if what you want is an inflation hedge that additionally cannot be simply confiscated by even state actors, Bitcoin is your choose. The marketplace for that straightforward characteristic set is prone to be within the a number of trillions, for causes individuals have already lined advert nauseam—that is *sufficient* for BTC.

And once more, this additionally is not essentially dangerous for ETH. In case you’re frightened about your belongings being seized in court docket, ETH might be exhausting sufficient for you. However if you would like even the complete super-saiyan Hitler mode State to have a tough time getting its grubby fingers in your cash: BTC.

3. Bitcoin’s simplicity makes it simply understood and adopted by nocoiners

That is empirical: public firms are shopping for BTC now, not less than one sovereign wealth fund I do know of additionally holds BTC, tons of conservative asset managers have allotted to it. It is digital gold; not that scary.

4. Bitcoin’s conservatism makes it much less of a shifting goal

It additionally makes it simpler for very-long-term holders to undertake. ETH is going through efficiency points that the group has determined necessitate a *big* change from the proof-of-work consensus algorithm to proof-of-stake. Bitcoin options no such query marks.

I hope this was helpful for some ETH followers as a glance into the truly distinctive issues Bitcoin is just higher at. It is my opinion that ETH advantages from BTC’s existence and vice-versa, so hopefully the 2 communities can get alongside a bit higher sooner or later.

One remaining level: I am an enormous believer in expressed vs. revealed preferences and it is very telling that many vocal ETH maximalists, EOS individuals, Tron individuals… even Bitcoin Money individuals, who vocally despise Bitcoin…. nonetheless maintain tons of BTC.

This commentary first appeared as a Twitter thread on October 15.

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